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Friday, August 6, 2010

An Open Letter to a Theonomist Paedo-Baptist

Dear Theonomist Paedo-Baptist:

I'm writing to you because I've read many of your books, ordered many CDs from you, and attended at least two conferences put on by you. I share a reformed viewpoint and a theonomic ethical viewpoint with you, and Theonomy in Christian Ethics by Greg Bahnsen is one of my favorite books after the Holy Bible.

I have looked for opportunities to support a variety of theonomic causes and organizations and speakers, and to speak a word about the authority of all of God's word and His righteous law as the standard for life and godliness first for Christians and then for all the world, as we believers, by God's grace, work out the Great Commission.

I belong to a reformed baptist church assembly.

Thinking highly of you and your ministry, I want to ask your opinion about something.

My pastor recently spoke against theonomy (and Christian reconstruction) to our congregation, and this talk is on our church's web site as well. In his teaching, he shared something that he said he knew for a fact actually happened (and I certainly believe him).

Apparently, a paedo-baptist theonomist brother told my pastor's baptist friend, that, although he loved him like a brother, if they (theonomists) ever gained power, he (the baptist brother) would have to be executed for heresy because he would not baptize his infant children. My pastor, thank God, did qualify his anecdote with the statement that it was only the "radical end of the theonomic movement spectrum" who believe this way, not all theonomists. Unfortunately, the damage is done.

Would you be willing to publicly take a stand against this kind of executing-brethren talk? I feel confident in stating that this kind of thinking and talk is most injurious to a theonomic revival ever taking place in American churches. Unfortunately, I do not know if this person was ever disciplined for his evil speech to his baptist brother, or what happened after this conversation took place.

What would you think if you heard that a reformed baptist theonomist told a paedo-baptist brother that if they ever gained power, the paedo-baptist brother would have to executed for heretically baptizing unbelievers because in the administration of the Old Covenant, Israelites were instructed to circumcise their (male) babies at 8 days of age?

Now, I don't think for a moment that God's law calls for executing baptist believers--no, not even of a dispensational stripe--or paedo-baptist believers, for that matter, of course. However, there are currently many who will never pick up any pro-theonomy book *ever,* and will shun theonomy as a grave error, and will teach others to do so, because there are people who claim to be theonomist who apparently actually believe that God's law calls for executing "heretical" baptist brothers (despite their oh-so-heartwarming regret at having to do so).

You may find this to be something worth addressing.

I do not run in paedo-baptist circles, and I have no idea how widespread this horrific misconception of God's law is among theonomic paedo-baptists. In your experience, do many theonomic paedo-baptists think this way?


UPDATE: Please read A Response from a Theonomic Paedo-Baptist.

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