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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dominion Is the Real Point of Tension

"Education is not the primary issue. DOMINION is the real point of tension. If Christians are allowed to educate their children the way God commands, then they will dominate society. Let's get this clear from the beginning. Christianity is invincible, superior to every other system of religion. Allowed to run its course, nothing can stop it. Why do you think secular educators desperately want control of Christian children? Why do you think the State runs all the schools in Communist countries? It's a matter of indoctrinating the children of the State's enemies with a FOREIGN WORLD AND LIFE VIEW. A world and life view is a GRID THROUGH WHICH EVERYTHING IS UNDERSTOOD. The power to form a young person's worldview is the heart of education. This has been understood since John Dewey, one of the founders of public [statist-GD] education, first signed and advocated the first Human Manifesto. It's time Christians learned this as well." --Ray Sutton, from "Who Owns The Family: God or the State?" Dr. Gary North, General Editor (Dominion Press, 1986, p. 89)

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