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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are the Children of Covenant Believers Members of the Covenant by Baptism?

Over at Iron Ink, I commented on an article where the blog author gave his answer to the question, "Is It Possible to Be Both Theonomic and Baptist?" This led to a "discussion" over baptism and the covenant.

The paedo-baptist commenters said such things as as: we don't evangelize our children because we assume they are saved, God commands believers to bring our infants to the baptismal font, bringing the gospel to your children and waiting for a profession of faith before baptizing them is "wrong" and encourages "making a decision for Christ" (Arminian) soteriology, and babies born of believers are saved and in "the covenant."

I won't be putting Iron Ink in the side bar because of the error of hyper-Calvinism promoted on their blog.

However, I will be responding to the comments in this article over a series of posts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gentle Dove,
I am really sorry to read this... We cannot just assume our children are saved because they were baptized as infants anymore than we can assume that all folks baptized whether as adults or children are saved for some might not be true believers. I am Reformed Presbyterian and can assure you and your readers that not all of us hold to such an extreme view. Salvation is of the Lord and not accomplished by any work we do for ourselves or for our children.

GentleDove said...

Hi Friend for Life,

I'm so glad and grateful for your kind post! Absolutely, the extreme view (e.g., baptized babies of believers are automatically saved) advanced in some of the comments on the Iron Ink post is not held by most who believe the Bible teaches that Christians should baptize their infants. Charity and forgiveness toward the brethren (both credo- & paedo-baptist brethren) is so important on this sensitive topic. I agree with you, sister, that salvation is of the Lord and not accomplished by any work we do for ourselves or for our children. Thanks again for your comment!