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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hoagies & Stogies (Reformed, Men-Only Theological Debate and Fellowship)

October 2nd, for Reformed men (men only, no women or children) in the San Diego, CA area.

From Blogorrhea:

"What is Hoagies & Stogies?
Hoagies & Stogies is a men’s fellowship for reformed, theological debate; it was created by one of my elders before he was an elder. When he was ordained, he got too busy, and he gave the reins of the ministry to me. The men gather for a simple meal of hoagies, with home-brewed beer, or soft drinks. After a while, we all refill our glasses, and those who are so inclined light up their best stogies and kick back and enjoy a theological debate. But if you are not a smoker (like me), or not a drinker (or not both!), you are still welcome. (You can consider it your mission to ensure that Christian liberty is exercised with due charity!)"

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