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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More Abound

The salvation won by Christ for His people is a salvation of all in His creation that was destroyed and corrupted by sin (the turning away from obedience to God's righteous ways). In this interadvental period, we Christians have been saved (justified), are being saved (sanctified), and await God's final redemption (glorification) in His second coming on the Judgment Day, the final day of history (Matt. 13:24-53; Rom. 5:10-21; Rom. 8).

The gospel is indeed offered to all for their salvation, but the power of it appears not everywhere: and that it is the savor of death to the ungodly, does not proceed from what it is, but from their own wickedness. By setting forth but one Salvation he cuts off every other trust. When men withdraw themselves from this one salvation, they find in the gospel a sure proof of their own ruin. Since then the gospel invites all to partake of salvation without any difference, it is rightly called the doctrine of salvation: for Christ is there offered, whose peculiar office is to save that which was lost; and those who refuse to be saved by him, shall find him a Judge. But everywhere in Scripture the word salvation is simply set in opposition to the word destruction: and hence we must observe, when it is mentioned, what the subject of the discourse is. Since then the gospel delivers from ruin and the curse of endless death, its salvation is eternal life.
John Calvin, Commentary on Romans, 1:16

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