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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Sweet First Grace

It is fun to prepare a meal together with a small child or children, in which they help to stir or add ingredients, etc. While cooking the meal together, explain to the child that God knows us and created us to be born in our family, that all our food and everything that sustains our lives is a gift from God. A gift we should be thankful and grateful for, every time we eat. (Note: allow extra time when cooking with children! It will help your patience levels :) )

A prayer to teach a small child to memorize and recite before a meal is this:

For what we are about to receive,
May the Lord make us truly thankful.

You might beforehand tell them about the exciting time Paul was on a ship with soldiers and sailors, who all fasted and worked hard for two weeks to navigate the ship because they feared the ship was going to wreck in a storm! And Paul counseled them to eat for their health and well-being. Then he gave thanks to God in the presence of all before they all ate together with good cheer. And God saved them all, although the ship was lost (Acts 27).

P.S. Small children also like to clean up and wash dishes with you. Allow extra time. Make sure everyone has their apron on (or a tea towel tied around them) to hang up afterward to dry ;)

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