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Friday, November 2, 2012

Christian Principles for the Ballot Box

Three election resources for the Christian voter in 2012:

1) I can highly recommend these articles as we move closer to election day here in the U.S. They are collected by Vision Forum. From Doug Phillips' blog:

"To go to our fully-updated Ballot Box section — which features all ten articles on biblical voting principles — click here.

Flip-Flopper-in-Chief: Should Mitt Romney Be Trusted to Serve as President?

By Wesley Strackbein
Article Summary: Gov. Mitt Romney’s record as a chronic flip-flopper on the issues is well known. In view of this fact, the following question must be addressed by wise voters: If a candidate running for public office says one thing on an issue and then repeatedly changes his views, should he be trusted with our vote? In “Flip-Flopper-in-Chief,” Wesley Strackbein explores Romney’s roller-coaster record on various issues Christians should be concerned about and explains the biblical case for electing “trustworthy” magistrates.
Click here to read the article.

Practice not Platform: Party Platforms are Irrelevant to Candidates’ Actions

By David Noor
Article Summary: Party platforms have historically been the bones thrown to the more principled members of the party base — those who think about issues and read more than slogans. They are also the bait, promising that the grassroots’ priorities will be pursued. Christians need to look beyond the platitudes contained in the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms and evaluate the candidates themselves. Look at the real predictors of their behavior if they are elected — their actual record and policy. Don’t blindly swallow the bait.
Click here to read the article.

Are We Electing a Pastor-in-Chief? How History Will Remember the Election of 2012

By Geoffrey Botkin
Article Summary: If you’ve followed American politics over the last several presidential elections, then you’ve probably heard this popular slogan: “We’re not electing a pastor-in-chief; we’re electing a commander-in-chief.” Yet what are the implications of this catch-phrase for the Christian and for our nation? In this insightful article, Geoffrey Botkin relates his own encounters with this slogan in 1992 while serving as a consultant for George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign, examining the characteristic thought-process behind it in light of Scripture.
Click here to read the article.

The 2012 Elections: A Death Knell for the Christian Right

By Kevin Swanson
Article Summary: Why do Christians fear Obama more than they fear God? How should we best focus our resources during election seasons in view of a long-term strategy for Christ-honoring cultural engagement? Kevin Swanson hits these and other key questions head-on in this insightful article.
Click here to read the article.

Our Forgotten Birthright: The Pulpit’s Cry for Civil Liberty under God

By Dan Ford
Article Summary: In this helpful historical overview, author Dan Ford demonstrates that Christian ministers in colonial days called on their congregations to exercise their civic duties through active engagement in the affairs of the state. Ford’s conclusion is this: The men in our pulpits today must boldly embrace this legacy of America’s colonial clergy or else our liberties will be lost.
Click here to read the article."

Read more HERE.

2) A timely election sermon (a rare species now in our pietistic church culture) from Steve Bradley--Vote-Worthy Candidates Part 1. (Be sure to check SermonAudio this Sunday (11/04/2012) for Part 2!).
Updated 11/05/2012: Click HERE to listen to Vote-Worth Candidates Part 2.

3) Steve C. Halbrook at Theonomy Resources blog has a very good 5-part series on the upcoming election: "Reasons Not to Support Mitt Romney." Read the series HERE.

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