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Monday, January 2, 2012

"Teaching the Whole Counsel of God" by Bojidar Marinov at American Vision

Wonderful, godly article to start off the new year!!

"Throughout the centuries, the church has always faced the problem of the quality of its members – and when I say quality, I mean the sanctification, the spiritual maturity, and the practical wisdom of its members. The constant battle against sin (sanctification) and for the expanding the Kingdom of God (wisdom) has always placed high demands and expectations; and quite often the church has found itself inadequate to the task. Its members sometimes refused to deal with sin, their own and that of the people around them. At other times the church remained passive and escapist, ignoring the clear command of the Great Commission. And at times the church was both plagued by sin and completely oblivious to its task in the world. In the last one century, the same problem persists, and is becoming even more acute and visible."

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