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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Christian Views of War

A Christian View of War is a study guide written by Greg Bahnsen available in pdf form for free on the Covenant Media Foundation website (Note: I can only recommend Greg Bahnsen resources from that site; CMF is tainted with Federal Vision theology.) that any Christian can use with their Bible to assist them in studying a Biblical view of warfare and in considering and meditating on the important and timely topic of Christian Just War Theory.

This could be a profitable study to sharpen our thinking on this area. We could then use our minds sharpened by God's word and Spirit in spiritual warfare for Christ when discussing our nation's current or proposed military operations with the unsaved and especially with Christian brethren who have not thought through their war theory from a Biblical perspective.

An mp3 radio interview with Greg Bahnsen on just war:

Other thought-provoking articles:

From Darash Press:
A Christian Perspective on Just War by William O. Einwechter

From American Vision:
Restoring Freedom in National Defense by Joel McDurmon
Discerning the Times...And the Wars (An Open Letter to a Friend) by Bojidar Marinov
Preventing the Warfare State: Biblical Laws for Kings by Joel McDurmon (Part 1) and
The Military and War in a Free Society by Joel McDurmon (Part II)

Are They Coming to Draft Your Daughters? And Other Moral Issues which the Church Must Address by Doug Phillips (from

Edited September 23, 2012, to add the following SermonAudio sermons:

Law of Nations I by Paul Jehle
Law of Nations II by Paul Jehle (If you only have time for one, listen to this one because Mr. Jehle briefly reviews the first lecture; you may need (as I did) to pause it to let your brain catch up with speaker speed! Jehle gives even better lectures on this same topic on Vision Forum's audio set, History of the World A.D., if you can get ahold of them.)
Just Warfare and the Sixth Commandment by Thomas Ray Floyd
Concepts of a Just War by John Weaver

And these Reformers on the Law of Nations:
On the Law of War and Peace by Hugo Grotius
The Rights of War and Peace, including The Law of Nature and Law of Nations (1901 ed.) [1625] by Hugo Grotius (available in several different formats, includ. for Kindle and iPad.)
Politica by Althusius

And these American documents regarding U.S. war policy:
The Constitution of the United States [1787] (specifically references the Reformational understanding of the "Law of Nations"
George Washington's Farewell Address [1796] (which the U.S. Senate supposedly re-reads annually)
Monroe Doctrine [1823; part of a speech by Monroe]

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