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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Importance of Vitamin D

For several weeks, maybe even months, I've been feeling quite rundown. I wasn't sick enough to go to the doctor with anything...just extremely tired, infections coming and slowly going, mild nausea, down mood, not sleeping well, and fatigued. I've even been late/stayed home from work a few days, and morning worship on the Lord's Day one day.

I was praying to God about this strange malaise, and I remembered my mom telling me about how common vitamin D deficiency is, especially during the winter in overcast Western Washington State, where we live. Vitamin D is the vitamin our bodies produce when the skin of our face and hands/arms is exposed to strong sunlight for 10-15 minutes per day. It is also available in certain foods. I didn't think much of it at the time because I love the rain and the hazy grays of winter here, but I realized that for months, I've been going to/coming home from work when it's dark and avoiding egg yolks (to save fat and cholesterol) and other vitamin D-rich foods.

Vitamin D aids the body's absorption of calcium and strengthens the body's digestion process, immune system, and sleep cycles (I think). I bought some OTC vitamin D pills and have been taking 2,000 IUs per day for the past few days.

I can't believe the difference! All my energy and vivacity has come back and my eye and ear infections have cleared up. My digestion is very good and my nausea has disappeared.

Please consider if you might have vitamin D deficiency and take pills/get more sunlight/eat more vitamin D-rich foods. Doctors can check this as well, and even prescribe a high-dose vitamin D if you have very low levels. Such a simple thing to fix, and I feel so much better! :-)

A prolonged vitamin D deficiency can cause even more serious health problems. Here's a link for more information.

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