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Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference

This Thursday through Saturday, April 22-24, I plan to attend the 5th* Annual Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Family Discipleship & Homeschooling Conference! I am so excited!! I attended last year and have the CDs from past conferences as well. The speakers are wise (at least wiser than I am!), and so inspiring!

Why attend when I am not married and have no children to homeschool? Because I pray in the Lord that I will be married and have children that I may homeschool one day. I want to prepare for it and possibly meet like-minded families. I certainly support other families who homeschool their children.

For more information about this conference, go to their web site,

* I corrected this to "5th Annual" on May 4th. (It said "4th Annual" before.)

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