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Monday, October 18, 2010

Isaac Backus: Defender of Religious Liberty, Faithful Man of God

"We view it to be our incumbent duty to render unto Caesar the things that are his but also that it is of as much importance not to render unto him anything that belongs only to God, who is to be obeyed rather than any man. And as it is evident that God always claimed it as his sole perogative to determine by his own laws what his worship shall be, who shall minister in it, and how they shall be supported, so it is evident that this perogative has been, and still is, encroached upon in our land."
--Isaac Backus (1724-1806), quote from Isaac Backus on Church, State, and Calvinism, Pamphlets, 1754-1789 (ed. by Wm. J. McLoughlin, Harvard University Press, 1965, P. 317)

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