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Monday, October 4, 2010

Transgender 6th-Graders?

This article, "Panel rules against Orono school in transgender bathroom access," reports that a boy who thinks he can existentially and autonomously pervert God's reality that he is a boy and become a girl instead, aided and abetted by his perverted parents, have filed a lawsuit against the school (and they had filed one previously against a government elementary school).

This is wrong on so many levels. But I'll just pick a few.

Notice how throughout the article, the boy is referred to with the use of feminine pronouns. Here's a sample:

"The school’s response stated that the district accommodated the child by training the staff, educating the students, giving the transgender student her own bathroom, giving her her own locker room and meeting with her parents almost daily."

You'd never know the reporter was writing about a boy. Bizarre.

The article also says that the boy used the girls bathroom and was harrassed, picked on, and called names by the other children. You think?

Notice how subversion to immorality and rebellion against God is referred to as "training" and "educating" in the paragraph quoted above.

There is no neutrality, is there?

And if you are a Christian parent with your children still in government school...why? If you are a Christian parent with your child in a "private" school that has "adjusted policies" to get accreditation or vouchers...why?

If you think this kind of evil sexual perversity is rare in the schools, you might be interested in site called 101 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids. (Entries go back to 2003, try searching by state.)

Please don't expect the perverse and humanist worldly media and government "education" system to guard, protect, and raise your children for you. According to God's word, that is parents' responsibility.

The only salvation from the sin and moral degradation of our children and our parents and our civil government and our society, in this world and the next, is the law and gospel of Jesus Christ.

UPDATE 10/06/2010:

It might be helpful to read Greg L. Bahnsen's brief article entitled, "The Ethical Issue of Transsexuality."

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