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Friday, February 18, 2011

Defunding Planned Parenthood Amendment Passes in the House

from American Life League Action Alert email:

"Just a few minutes ago, the House of Representatives voted 240-185 to add Amendment #11 to the Continuing Resolution bill. This amendment, introduced by Representative Mike Pence [R-Ind.], prohibits any federal government money going to Planned Parenthood until, at least, September 30, 2011.

It is a major victory and your prayers and actions made it happen.

The fight is not over. This amendment must also be passed in the Senate. It will be a major struggle and Planned Parenthood is already saying it will put all of its emphasis on defeating it in the Senate. Planned Parenthood has over $1 billion to throw at this."

from American Family Association's OneNewsNow [view the C-SPAN video of Representative Pence's speech]: Abortion funding - 'Offensive to every American'

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