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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Excellent Way to Prevent Swearing

" excellent way to prevent swearing is to use a constant truth in our speeches, then we need not interpose an oath; the credit of our communication will be enough. Oaths give suspicion of men's falseness and lightness. If men were serious and sincere in their discourses, their word would be equivalent to an oath, and their very affirming would be swearing; whereas others in a doubtful case are hardly credited, though they swear never so deeply, because they swear so commonly; for having prostituted the highest and most solemn way of assurance to every trifle, they have nothing left wherewith to establish a controverted truth."
--Thomas Manton [1693],  from The Works of Thomas Manton Vol IV, James 5:12 (Banner of Truth, 1962, p. 438)

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