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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Theatre of Vanity

"The world is a sea of glass: a pageant of fond delight, a theatre of vanity, a labyrinth of error, a gulf of grief, a sty of filthiness, a vale of misery, a spectacle of woe, a river of tears, a stage of deceit, a cage full of devils, a den of scorpions, a wilderness of wolves, a cabin of bears, a whirlwind of passions, a fained comedy, a delectable frenzy; where is false delight, assured grief; certain sorrow, uncertain pleasure; lasting woe, fickle wealth; long heaviness, short joy." Arthur Dent, The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven, (Soli Deo Gloria, [1599] 1994, pp. 69-70)

Wow! What does Mr. Dent have against the world? Didn't "God so love the world"? Of course, God made all the world, all of creation.

The sense of phrase "the world" that Mr. Dent intended in the above quote is used in the Bible to mean that part of God's creation--physical and spiritual--that remains in fallen rebellion to Him, still in spiritual darkness, death and wilderness, and which still stands under the condemnation of God. God intends the world to be reconciled to Himself and given life by His Word and Spirit through the preaching entrusted to His redeemed people (the Church).

Therefore, Christians must reject "the world" (used in this sense) and resist its deceptive and vain attractions and see all rebellion and sin against God for the evil it really is; yet be in the world, as lights, discipling the nations teaching them all things whatsoever Christ has commanded, making--by the grace of God alone--condemned outlaws into lawful subjects and sons and heirs of His kingdom.

worldly woman with snake choker

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